Endurance Riding in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex
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Welcome to the Iceni website .

A great day out in the countryside....

Long distance riding is a family sport ....

The partnership built up with your horse over these many miles - of new riding ground. You guide him, and he carries you, and the relationship which is forged between endurance rider and endurance horse would be hard to equal in any other sport. He has to trust you to lead him back home, and you have to trust him to get you there, and the resulting confidence will stay with both of you in any future sports you may try. That's if you're not hooked on Endurance Riding for life.

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The Iceni group is a branch of a national society, called Endurance GB,

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About Us
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Updated 11 October 2015

Come and join in ......

Iceni organise Endurance Horse riding over tracks and forests for pleasure or the more competitive longer distance rides.


Open to anyone with a horse, come and join in. Receive regular newsletters and discounted entry to  rides and events throughout the year.

Iceni Annual Awards Meeting 2015

Next Ride is on 31st Oct 2015

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A FUN TEAM COMPETITION to be held at the following Iceni Competitive Rides  for the 2015 season.

9th/10th May 2015 Poplar Park Ride   Classes 12,(A) 13(O) and 16(N)

30/31st May 2015 King’s Forest   Classes 32,(A) 35(O) and 39(N)

20th/21st June 2015 North Norfolk Ride   Classes 21,(A) 23(O) and 26(N)

5th/6th September Boyton Hall Ride   Classes 12,(A) 13(O) and 16(N)

27th September Pilgrim's Trail Ride   Classes 1,(A) 2(O) and 5(N)

Teams of 3 horse/rider combinations can take part. The results will be calculated, using the Performance Formula System for each rider/horse combination and then added together to make a team score. Highest score wins.

Team challenge winners (those scoring the highest PF points) at each ride will receive special rosettes calculated to 3rd place.   

The PF results of each team, from each ride, will roll over to the next ride of the series and carried forward to be awarded to the highest scoring team overall, at the last competitive Pilgrim's Trail Ride, 27th September 2015.  Medals will be awarded to the winners.

However, you can start your team off at any stage of the series and at any ride. Teams do not have to take part at every ride in the series, the awarded points will be carried forward.  

Give your Team a name and maybe identify yourselves in your own team colours.

TEAMS of 3 RIDERS/Horses  are invited to take part

1 x Advanced Horse, Class Nr specified for each ride

1 x Open Horse, Class Nr specified for each ride

1  x Novice or new to the sport horse, temporary day member  (obviously only once if a tdm)

Please write at the top of your Entry Form & Vet Sheet that you are part of a team, declare your team name.

It is hoped this element to the season will add a new dimension and a little bit of competitive fun to your rides! Team Results will not be recorded on your Master Card, only your individual Class result. Horses and Riders can only enter rides which they are eligible to in accordance with EGB rules.  

No substitutions allowed through the season.    

If you are planning on riding at these rides anyway, have a go.                                 Get your ride buddies together or you can try to link up with other riders using the Iceni Facebook Page, or the Ride Facebook Page or the EGB Forum.  

Please register your team with amanda.roche-kelly@gmx.com                  

Have Fun!

The Iceni Committee